Dental Amalgam

Dental Amalgam

Dental amalgam or (silver alloy filling) has been using for more than 150 years in dentistry for caries treatment. Has very beneficial properties such as strength and durability; however there are some disadvantages such as possible allergic reactions, stains in the gums and teeth and the necessity to remove much tooth structure to be retained in the cavity.
There is much controversy over this issue because dental amalgam is an alloy of mercury with other metals (silver, copper and tin). Inhalation of high concentrations of mercury can affect the nervous system and cause bronchitis and pneumonia. But currently there is no scientific evidence that the amount of mercury released in the mouth from dental amalgams haves any risks to our health as it is well below the allowable limit, plus numerous scientific studies supporting the use of this material including own American Dental Association (ADA). For more information on dental amalgam according to the American Dental Association, you can visit the following link:
Currently there are alternative filling materials that have matched such resilience, are more aesthetic, doesnt contain mercury and do not require the dentist to remove much tooth structure.
You can replace dental amalgam?
Yes, it is a safe, clean procedure without risks to health, whereby the amalgam removal is performed by other more aesthetic materials such as composite, which has the ability to mimic the color of your teeth and eliminating the presence metal in your mouth.

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