Dental Erosion

Dental Erosion is an irreversible condition that hard dental tissue (enamel and dentin) loss occurs due to the action of acids, especially those found in the diet such as sodas and some juices (citrus and phosphoric acid) .

Dental Erosion

According to the lifestyle we have today, and influenced by marketing campaigns of major food producers, soft drinks, and fast food chains, people tend to consume excessive quantities of soft drinks that in some cases can produce an erosion of enamel and in severe cases also dentin.

It is important that once the hard tissue of the tooth is lost there is no turning back, it is an irreversible process. It is seen mostly in children and changed the intake of water to juice and soda to quench thirst, these contain acidifiers and other substances that preserve.
Besides this, there are other intrinsic factors of which are the amount of saliva the individual as well as the quality of the buffers stabilize the pH within the oral environment. Some medications like aspirin could increase the acid levels as well other diseases like bulimia and related gastroesophageal reflux

Soft Drinks

The best course of action against dental erosion are:
1. avoid drinking soft drinks at an early age, including dietary ensuring not contain sugar.
2 Avoid excessive consumption of fruits like citrus.
3 Using toothpaste high in Fluor to remineralize teeth.
4 In case you can not avoid drinking these drinks, try disminuit your intake as far as possible



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