Do i brush my teeth properly?

Do I brush my teeth properly?

Brushing not only responds to a need for hygiene, but prevention of future dental and periodontal diseases. The importance of proper brushing is essential, taking care, as incorrectly choose a brush can even be worse than not brushing because it can damage the gums or overwear teeth if a very hard toothbrush is used  usually in the cervical area.
Another important factor is the duration and strength of brushing, brushing stronger does not mean better cleaning. We must emphasize that brushing should be smooth, accurate and have a duration of at least 2 minutes.

Why is this so important?

Brushing your teeth is fundamental to get rid of plaque and food that can remain after you eat and drink. If the dental plaque is not removed, it will get calcified and create tartar. If this happens, only a dental care professional will be able to remove it. 
How to know if I’m doing a proper cleaning?
There are commercial brands of Dental Discoling products sold without prescription (drops or chewable tablets) that gives a red tint in those parts of the mouth where there is plaque or tartar, so you can see which areas of your mouth need more attention when brushing.
One of the best known brands is RED-COTE.



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