7 reasons Quality Vs Low Cost clinics

7 reasons to choose quality Vs low cost clinics




Business Vs Professionalism: Low cost clinics are often managed by companies and not by doctors or dentists, and still oriented protocols based on profits not in quality. The priority is economic performance.



Personalized treatment: A clinic run by a doctor or group of doctors will always offer a closer relationship with the patient while in low cost clinics for its highturnover of staff is very frequent that each visit will see a different doctor.




Overtreatment Risk: Doctors and dentists from low cost clinics often perform more treatments necessary in order to make more profits (most have basic salary + commissions based per treatments performed).




Advertising Deception: In advertising campaigns offer impossible prices. When studied in detail, do not include the full treatment.





Quality of materials: Trying to reach a profit goal low costs clinics uses the most economical products and materials.


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Experience and training: Generally the experience and training of professionals is limited because it is not a requirement to own personal development of physician or dentist as it stagnates in the role for which he was hired.



Quality and Warranty: Generally treatments with low quality materials are not durable, sometimes are not appropriate or just not having the desired therapeutic purpose.

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