Toothache – Pulpitis

Toothache – Dental pain is a common condition, and in fact the vast majority of the population has suffered from this, it is one of the worst experiences you can suffer, since the level of pain according to various studies is comparable to that of a kidney stone or childbirth.  Under Dental terms, a dental pain or toothache is the response of the tooth to aggression, usually secondary to a bacterial invasion of a dental caries, dental injury or fracture of the tooth, producing what is called a dental pulpitis may be acute or chronic reversible and irreversible.

Causes of pulpitis

The most frequent causes are trauma, iatrogenic damage, abrasion and atrrition and bacterial type

What are the symptoms?

In acute pulpitis pain intense pulsed or continuous type is observed, this is because the neurovascular bundle of the tooth becomes inflamed within the pulp chamber (space containing the nerve), and when it becomes inflamed or no exchange of fluids with bloodstream increases its size.

In chronic pulpitis is observed that in promoting the exchange of bacteria and fluids from the inside to the outside of the tooth abscess is formed, the abscess is drainage of toxic substances from tooth usually occurs towards the apex of the teeth, draining through the root to the maxillary or mandibular bone.



How is Pulpitis treated?

Treatment consists of removing all factors that can cause this painful episode, such as caries, tooth rebuild in cases where there are cracks or crevices and finally the removal of the dental nerve. It is a simple process and under local anesthesia in which an access is cretated to get to the pulp nerve to help drain infected tooth and remove infected content of the pulp chamber to permanently eliminate this condition.



Doctor Alonso is Cosmetic and Implant Specialist Dentist in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic certified Active Member of American Dental Association and American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and American Academy of Implant Dentistry

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