Zoom Whitening Dominican Republic

At Dr. Alonso Office in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, we have state of the art dental whitening technology, with Zoom!® in-Office whitening systems by Philips® proprietary technology you can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades in just one hour appointment.


This method its ideal to achieve immediate results. This system developed by Philips® after years of research is the best performing according to numerous scientific reports. Zoom!® whitening procedures are less invasive and preserve the integrity of the treated teeth improving the previous procedures in which the enamel structure was affected by abrasives.


How long the procedure last?

The procedure last one hour, after a isolation of your gums and other soft tissues of your mouth, one hour of bleaching and one application of fluoride which concludes the procedure. A previous dental cleaning is recommended.


How long will dental whitening last?

Following specific post whitening instructions, having a good oral heath hygiene and regular check ups with your dentist, your teeth will always look whiter than before.


In which cases dental whitening wont work?

Porcelain Crowns can´t be whitened, same as any other porcelain prosthetics. Patients with defective enamel (hypoplasia), tetracycline stains/defects, extreme cases of fluorosis.


Also this treatment is not recommended on childs under 13 and pregnant or lactating women.