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Cosmetic Crowns and Bridges


Crowns and bridges are well known in the dental field even in the common language of the people , when someone mentions a crown or dental bridge, you could say that most people know that they 're talking about. According to some studies, the general population regardless of the country, which is over 30 years old, has lost at least one of his teeth.

The solution for a loss of a tooth fracture or a caries that is extensive for a filling are dental crowns and bridges.

Types of crowns and bridges:
For decades, the dentures have been making metal and could be of noble metals such as silver and gold or base metals such as chromium , cobalt and other materials. Over the years started using porcelain to make it out of this prosthesis is more realistic when the crowns of porcelain fused to metal ( and still continue to be very common ) arise. We now have thanks to technology other more resistant, more durable and superior aesthetics materials, as full contour porcelain crowns and full contour zircon that are completely free of metal.

  • Full Contour Crown

    Full Contour Porcelain Crown

  • Porcelain Implant Crown Dominican Republic

    Implant Crown

  • Full Contour Porcelain Crown

    Full Contour Porcelain Crown

  • Zircon Crown and Bridge Dominican Republic

    Crown and Bridge Zircon

  • Bruxzir Full Arch Implant Bridge

    Bruxzir Full Arch Bridge Zircon

  • Full Contour Porcelain Bridge

    Full Contour Porcelain Bridge

What are the differences ?

Crowns and bridges Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM), usually very strong, lasting many years, but suffer from having a much lower aesthetic than metal free crowns and bridges. The reason is that natural teeth are translucent and opaque at the same time , a crown that has a metal core can never be translucent and let the light like a natural tooth.

Crowns and Bridges Porcelain Metal Free, possess superior aesthetics, but more fragile than they are made of a metal frame .

Crowns and bridges in zirconia, are very resistant material almost comparable with the metal due the extraordinary hardness of Zirconium and combines this with high hardness and resistance to a similar aesthetic porcelain crowns and bridges free of metal so now also being the most modern equipment in dentistry today, is the most recommended for its many beneficial properties .

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