Online Evaluation

For patients travelling abroad for their dental treatments we offer online evaluation. With this evaluation we can diagnose and create a customized treatment plan. This way will let the patient knows the cost of the treatment before traveling to our dental office.    


Evaluation Process

cadcam oral scan santo domingo

1 Diagnosis

After receiving your photos and x-rays we start the evaluation and diagnosis

dental chart dominican republic

2 Treatment Plan

The treatment plan its created based on the diagnosis.

Dental assestment Santo domingo

3 Assestment

We will explain your treatment plan options and offer dates for appointment.

dental booking process Santo Domingo

4 Booking

Once we agree we can start with the booking proccess according to instructions provided.

Online Evaluation Instructions

All cases require to take some photos of your smile.

Surgical or complex cases we also require Panoramic X-rays or CT-Scans/CBCT. 

You can send us all the information including description of the treatment of interest using our form below or to our email.

 For a more comprehensive instructions we recommend watching our Online Evaluation Video below.