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At Jose Alonso DDS Office in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic we have out Head Office Doctor Jose Alonso MD, DDS an internationally recognized and credentialed Specialist in Dental Implants and Oral Surgery with more than 15 Years experience.

Thanks to our wide experience, commitment and our team of experts we can offer the best dental implants treatment in dominican republic with the state of the art facilities and our cutting edge technology to achieve outstanding results:


  • Pioneers in Dominican Republic in 100% Digital Workflow.
  • Innovative Prosthetic Materials With Monolithic Zirconia.
  • Cortico/Basal Implants with no Healing Time.

What are Dental Implants?

They consist in the surgical placement of a prefabricated titanium root in the place where there is an absence of one or more teeth, replacing the natural root of the same. They are placed underneath the gum at bone level. It has three parts, The implant, the abutment (pillar) and the tooth.

It is a simple and painless technique, in the case of patients who suffer of anxiety or have to undergo complex rehabilitation, oral or IV conscious sedation can be used.



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Implant Parts Dominican Republic

Dental Implants Treatments

Single Dental Implant Dominican Republic

Single Dental Implants & Bridges

The best solution for to replace one o more missing teeth.

full mouth dental implants dominican republic

Full Arch Dental Implants

The best solution for full arches after losing all teeth

one hour prosthesis santo domingo

All on Four Dental Implants

Best solution for patients that lost all their teeth and have little or no bone left.

Basal Cortical Implants Dominican Republic

Cortico/Basal Dental Implants

The best solution for patient with little or no bone without any healing time after surgery.

How Dental Implants can change your life?

  • Improve Aesthetics with better appearance.
  • Improve Speech.
  • Improve Self-Steem and comfort. Fixed teeth doesnt move or fall.
  • Improve your mastication with implant fixed prostheses allowing to eat harder and sticky foods.
  • Long Term Solution: Implants can last a lifetime maintaining good oral hygiene and regular check ups.
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Dental Implant Process

Dental Planning Dominican Republic

Diagnosis/Digital planning

We start with digital planning that consists of a digital scan, photos and x-rays and tomography of the jaws.

Implant Surgery Dominican Republic


The implant is placed through a simple surgery, which in many cases a surgical guide will be used for predictable results.

Dental Implant Smile Dominican Republic

Prostheses Design

We will digitally design your implants prostheses using the latest CAD/CAM technology 

Patient Smile Dominican Republic

Final Smile

You will finally get a tooth or teeth like natural ones that wil prevent future bone loss in your jaw and chewing functions 

cases before and after


  • Implant Bridge Dominican Republic

    Implant Bridge

  • All on Four Dominican Republic

    All on Four

  • Before After Implant Patient

    Implant Bridge

FAQS about Dental Implants

How can i know if i am Dental Implants candidate?

There is no age limits for this procedure, but there are some limitations: patients who suffer from serious diseases that lead to a very weak immune system, patients who have been treated with bisphosphonates or patients who has radio or chemotherapy. In these cases, complementary tests must be carried out

Is it painful to have Dental Implants?

It is not painful, a simple technique its used with local anesthesia which takes around 15 to 20 minutes per implant. Using the latest and updated implant placement techniques we save time to our patients comparing one or two implant placement surgery that could be placed in less time than a filling.

How long do i have to stay in Dominican Republic to get Dental Implants?

There is a stablished protocol for dental implants which has two stages:

First Stage its the implant placement surgery, it can take 3 to 5 days depending on the complexity of the case. (After the implant placement surgery 4 to 6 months healing time its required to let your bone fuse with your implants.)

Second Stage which it´s the cosmetic restoration of the implant (Placement of the crown or bridge) this required to stay at least 5 days.


How long it´s the surgery?

Dental Implant Placement Surgery can be done in less than 20 minutes but it will depend on the number of implants and extension of the area to be treated.

How long does they last?

Having the proper care and regular check ups they can last a lifetime. However, they are not exempt of peri-implantitis which its the same as periodontitis which can lead to bone loss and a future implant failure.It is highly recommended to have regular dental check-ups to prevent any situation.

Can i lose one implant?

it could happen by many reasons: Systemic diseases (diabetes, immunodeficiency), Radio/Chemotherapy, peri-implantitis, use of tobacco, lack of oral hygiene or regular maintenance by a dentist.

Why get Dental Implants in Dominican Republic?

We combine your treatment with a holidays in the beautiful Dominican Republic, as this process only takes two appointments, between them you can enjoy and relax in the best beaches in the Caribbean and also save up to 70% compared to USA fees. Since 2012 we have been in Dental Tourism Field in Dominican Republic receiving patients travelling abroad from USA, Canada and other countries offering high standards, high quality materials and expertise from Dr. Alonso who holds credentials from ADA, AACD, AAID and AGD.

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