Offering a full range of oral surgery solutions to our patients in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Jose Alonso, MD, DDS. is trained to perform multiple oral surgery treatments such as Extractions, Implants, Crown Lenghtening, Gingivectomy, Ridge augmentation, Sinus Lift, Bone and Soft Tissue Grafts. For all Surgeries Dr. Alonso have available local and General Anesthesia, Oral and IV Sedation.

dental implants dominican republic

Dental Implants

One of the most requested treatments right now at dental offices worldwide, this is a long term treatment for those who lost 1 tooth or even all the teeth. Theres a wide range of solutions and procedures that can help get your smile back and give all the functionality to your mouth.

dental extractions dominican republic


Simple and complicated extractions. Bony, part bony, impacted third molars, ectopic or not erupted teeth.

bone graft dominican republic

Bone and Soft Tissue Grafts

For patients that requires bone in case of inssuficient bone to have implants, or to support a denture or any kind of prosthetics, caused by bone reabsorption or periodontitis. Soft tissue graft is a solution for those who lost part of the gum, gum retraction or to close "black triangles".

crown lenghtening dominican republic


One of the most requested cosmetic treatments for those who wants a better and bigger smile, Dr. Alonso can perform a minor surgery that usually doesnt require stitches or special after care post operatory. We can give to your gums a new shape by contouring it around your teeth to give you back your smile.