At Dr. Alonso┬┤s Office in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic endodontic procedures such as root canals are performed as part of our practice services.


Maybe you have heard about a Root Canal or Root Canal Therapy, but What is a Root Canal?


The root canal treatment is a procedure that can save their teeth preventing tooth extraction and subsequent negative consequences of losing a tooth. Usually when a decay is extensive and reaches the nerve hypersensitivity followed by a throbbing pain that arise, and it is a very uncomfortable situations that requires strenght analgesics and anti-immflamatory medications, but sometimes it is not enough to relieve the symptoms.


The way a Root Canal Therapy is performed begins with the elimination of the main factor that has created the current situation, after this, we proceed to extract the nerve of the tooth, making a small opening to reach the dental pulp containing the nerve, using special files of endodontic use.

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The process can be performed with manual endodontic files or rotary type depending on the anatomy of the tooth root.


Once all the symptoms have subsided, we proceed to fill the root of the tooth with a material called gutta percha and seal the opening to prevent leaks in the root, preserving the integrity of the tooth.