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One of the most requested procedures at dental offices today are porcelain veneers, lumineers, hollywood smiles and smile makeovers. At Dr. Alonso´s Office in Santo Domingo  we offer cosmetic dental treatments using the most advanced technology. We can take care of your teeth and at the same time guarantee predictable results to achieve your expectations using the best materials and cutting-edge techniques and protocols.


Pioneers in Dominican Republic since 2011 in CAD/CAM Dentistry, we have been using cutting edge technology as Intraoral Scanners so the patient can finally say goodbye to biting on impression material for several minutes to make molds, having a numb mouth and jaw ache. Intraoral scanners saves time and provides comfort to our patients while we capture 3D Images of your full dentition in seconds.

What is a Smile Makeover?

Smile makeovers its a procedure with a combination treatments. while some patients only require some Lumineers or Porcelain veneers, others could have missing teeth, excesive or heavily restored teeth or milaligned or just very crowned teeth, for complex cases combination of dental crowns, veneers and dental implans or even bridges it´s required to achieve outstanding results creating a new smile that you will love!

Advantages of Smile Makeovers:
  • Restores Aesthetics and Fuctionality.
  • Combines multiple treatments to create a new smile.
  • Solves extremely difficult cases.
  • Improves self confidence.
  • Restores masticatory function.
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Smile Design photo

Smile Makeover Process

cadcam oral scan santo domingo

Diagnosis/Digital planning

We start with digital planning that consists of a digital scan, photos and x-rays of the teeth.

cadcam dental design dominican republic


The teeth are prepared and the provisionals are placed.

one hour prosthesis santo domingo

Smile Design

Your Smile Makeover its Designed Digitally then Lab will start the manufacture process.

Smile Makeover Santo Domingo

Your Final Smile

The finished prosthetics are bonded to your teeth.

cases before and after


  • Smile Makeover Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

    Complete Smile Makeover

  • Smile Makeover Jose Alonso DDS

    Smile Makeover

  • Smile Makeover Patient

    Complete Smile Makeover

FAQS about Smile Makeovers

How can i know if i am Smile Makeover candidate?

This is a procedure that has a combination of treatments. It could include Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Implants in the same patient to achieve desired results.

How strong are the prostheses?

Like natural teeth, we should avoid strong impacts like aggressive or strong bites. As with natural teeth, enamel can crack as a result of biting hard food, nail biting or by clenching the teeth. In Veneers or Lumineers it will cause cracks in the ceramic that can cause a fracture or simply gets de-bonded.

How long do i have to stay in Dominican Republic to get a Smile Makeover?

6 to 7 days its the average when multiple treatments and specialists are involved in the procedure, after initial consultation and start of the procedures of teeth prep (both usually same day) the lab will start the manufacture of your veneers and/or prostheses which takes 4 to 5 days, after this the final consultation to bond your prostheses to your teeth will take place.

In cases when patient requires also implants as part of the smile makeover a healing time for implants of 4-6 months are recommended.  

What maintenance it´s need?

Any kind of dental prostheses require the same maintenance as your natural teeth, so it is always recommended a good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth and flossing as usual.

It is invasive or painful treatment?

If the smile makeover consist in just porcelain veneers or lumineers procedures its not a painful or invasive, if the smile makeover requires surgery for implant placement, its considered a surgical procedure and therefore invasive.

Why get a Smile Makeover in Dominican Republic?

We combine a cosmetic dental procedure with a holidays in the beautiful Dominican Republic, as this process only takes two appointments, between them you can enjoy and relax in the best beaches in the Caribbean and also save up to 70% compared to USA fees. Since 2012 we have been in Dental Tourism Field in Dominican Republic receiving patients travelling abroad from USA, Canada and other countries offering high standards, high quality materials and expertise from Dr. Alonso who holds credentials from ADA, AACD, AAID and AGD.

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